Episode 2 : Growing your business - an entrepreneur's journey. - Launch to Scale

As much as I want to ignore her presence, I know she’s still here, in the bathroom, waiting for me to get out of the shower. Geez… Can’t I have a break? I’ve literally been working around the clock for the past few days to finish the proposal. Yes, it took all my time and focus, but she knows I am doing this to grow the business, and ultimately it is all for us. So why do we need to have a “talk” now? Why now?

For once I feel like I am in a good place. I am legitimated to celebrate and see a better life like a true possibility. The business has picked up since I learned Daphney was pregnant a year and a half ago. This is mainly because at that point I then decided to focus on accelerating the growth of my business to give Daphney the life I’ve promised her when I first embarked on the entrepreneurial journey.

I must say I’m proud of the key business decisions I have made over the last year. The collaborations with high profile experts, apparition on different podcasts, sponsoring key events and the launch of my flagship online course has more than doubled the number of customers and has definitely increased the profitability of the business. But that also means I have to work a lot more. Yes, I have always been the workaholic type who likes to have both hands in the dirt (typical Gary Vee’s style), but I must admit the pace has definitely picked up 5-6 months ago.

I am sure this is what she wants us to “talk” about. I know I haven’t been available lately. I spend most of my days and nights in the office working. And to be honest, even when I am physically there with Daphney and Anabelle, my brain is constantly working: reviewing, reflecting, brainstorming or strategizing for the business. It just doesn’t stop. 

She is still here.

‘Give me a minute” I say reluctantly. “I’m going to get dressed and come see you”

The bathroom door finally closes.

A couple of minutes later, I get out of the shower and get dressed. I then walk into the kitchen wearing my favorite attire: a navy blue t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Anabelle runs to me and shouts “Daddy! Princess house?”

Laughing, I take her in my arms and reassure her the princess house will be here soon. When Daphney gives me the inquisitive look, I look at her and whisper “I ordered the Princess house right when you left this morning. It should be delivered in 3-4 days.”

“Smart move…” Daphney says quite impressed, as she sets the table.

Putting Anabelle down I ask “So… What’s up?”

Daphney sits Anabelle in her high chair and says cautiously “I have good news and bad news”.


“They offered me a promotion”. She says on quite a flat tone.

“Wait. What? That’s awesome news! Congratulations!”

“Yeah… I’m happy. But,”

Daphney continues hesitantly. “What will that mean for our family? I’m concerned Anabelle will not survive two parents working long and unpredictable hours. I mean… I feel like we’ve just found our pace. Our sweet spot, you know? With your unpredictable peak times with the business, I need to be in a job that gives me the flexibility to be available whenever you’re caught up on something. But with this promotion, I will be less available because a team will be depending on me and I will have to jump in every time there is an emergency.”

“It’s OK Daph, we’ll figure it out. We just need to put a plan in place and communicate so we are in sync.”

“I wish it was that simple… “ Daphney mutters while looking away.

“What? Don’t be so negative. We’ll figure it out. Trust me!”

She doesn’t look too convinced so I take her in my arms and ask “Why are you so worried?”

“Well, tell me what is your plan? Because right now, regardless of the promotion, it surely doesn’t feel like you have a plan for your business.”

“Excuse me? How did this become about me and the business?”

She pauses and continues “Ethan, you know you have my support. We’re a team. However, you are busier than ever before. When you first got into entrepreneurship, the goal was for you to have the freedom to do what you want. To spend more time with the family. Our reality is the total opposite. The emergencies dictate your schedule and you are constantly putting out fires. Growing your business shouldn’t automatically come with overwhelm. When growing your business, how do you get out of the rat race to work on your business instead of staying the laborer of your business?”


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How do you get out of the rat race to work ON your business instead of staying the laborer of your business? http://bit.ly/2crtwu3 Click To Tweet



“Listen. I know the new job is great. In fact, I’ve always dreamed of that promotion. But I can’t help but worry about what this will do to us.”

“Daphney, Instead of looking at all the reasons why this will not work, why don’t we focus on what we will have to do to make it work for both of us?

“Well, first and foremost, I need to know you have a plan. A schedule. And be confident you will stick to it! You can’t always expect me to shut down everything I am doing at the last minute to cover for you. We can’t let what happened today be the norm Ethan, and you know that!’

“You are right. I need to be on top of my schedule. But the worst part is that I DO plan. However, somehow the most simple tasks always end up taking more time than expected. And I am the only one who can do it, I have no backup. It’s not that easy, you know? I’ve even started to wake up earlier to add more hours to my days. Haven’t you noticed the efforts I have made?”

“Yes, I have noticed. But if that is not enough, what else can you do? Have you looked at all the options? How about getting help? Daphney asks candidly.

“Help from who?” I answer, taken back.

“Well, I don’t know… I hear people talking about VAs, PA, and GVA, etc. “ Wouldn’t that be an option?”

“Arghh… I don’t know if I am there yet.”

“Ethan. If there is one thing I know for sure, it is that at some point you, alone, cannot do everything to run, support and grow the business. And, needless to say, be there for your family.”

“I don’t know if my business is successful enough to hire someone. The idea has brushed my mind a few times, but I don’t think I can afford it yet. I first need to make more sales and bring in more income in order to pay for the extra help. And imagine the risk… What if the employee makes a big mistake that makes me lose clients? Or worse, what if the person demolishes my brand, the brand I’ve worked so hard to build and establish? Oh, and finding the right person? That is another struggle I just don’t have time for. “

“Well,Something has to happen Ethan. You can’t expect to scale if you continue to operate the same way as when you launched your business.”


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“I’ll think about it,” I tell her dismissively as I take a seat and put food in Anabelle’s plate to change the topic. 

“Let me know what you want to do because I only have 2 days to confirm whether I accept the promotion or not.”


Hi! You must be thinking of expanding your business too so you can surely help Ethan sort this out! What do you think Ethan should do if Daphney accepts the promotion? Do you think they will be able to pull it off? What is the one advice you would give to Ethan ? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below – Ethan needs help!