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Don’t be a victim of your own success.


You don’t need more ads, likes or followers.   

You don’t need more products, leads or even more clients.

You don’t need any more productivity courses or hacks. 

I am so grateful I stumbled on Launch To Scale from Facebook and the expertise and counselling I received have significantly helped me in my business. I am an online entrepreneur and growing my business has not been easy especially working all day and late into the nights, taking care of my family and making time for myself too. Elizenda has been a life saver especially providing a road map for me to focus on what’s most important, delegating some of my tasks (this has been a huge problem for me) and finding the right ways to portray my brand to my audience. Are you completely drowned in the process of building your business? Elizenda is the best, and she will break it down into smaller pieces and make it easy for you to digest and implement in your business!

Apolline Adiju, Social Medial Consultant

Apolline Adiju, Social Media Consultant

More hustling and grinding will not change a thing.

(we all know you barely sleep already…!)

But you are a little concerned to give-up control of your company.

After all, it’s really hard to believe someone will do the job

just. the. way. you. like. it.

But, once you know how to HIRE the RIGHT employees for your business:

That’s when you reap the true benefits of having a team & see your business take-off!

Just imagine…


You, having time to:  

  • build true momentum and create a strategy to grow your business even more
  • see rapid and concrete results by only doing what you are the greatest in (instead of doing everything and getting average results)
  • spending quality time with friends and family


And luckily for you, that’s where we come in…

We help you build the team that will create the most results for your business.

That’s our speciality.