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You might have started on your own.
But to impact thousands of lives and change the world…

You need a strong team.

Yes, it’s that simple.

Before you say “it’s easier said than done”…

Don’t worry.

We help entrepreneurs

build and lead their dream team.

That’s our expertise.


Where the “people stuff” gets clear and simple.

We empower entrepreneurs to make the right people decisions for their business.


Learn to let go of control to gain momentum.


Attract and get the best talents for your business.

Team dynamic

Create an environment that sets your team for success.

Company culture

Build a culture that reflects the business brand.

Ready to drive your business forward? 

With Launch to Scale, I had access to a simple and effective approach to tackle the challenges I was facing in my business. What I appreciated the most was her ability to help me find different alternatives to solve the challenges that I thought were impossible to solve. Elizenda's approach is reassuring and often brought light at the end of the tunnel, while respecting my values, and business priorities and goals. She helped me confidently shift the way I manage my business by improving my time management and making me focus on what really impacts and grows my business. I'm lucky to have found Launch to Scale!

Joeline J. / Exec. Director – Mary Kay

I am so grateful I stumbled on Launch To Scale from Facebook and the expertise and counseling I received has significantly helped me in my business. I am an online entrepreneur and growing my business has not been easy especially working all day and late into the nights, taking care of my family and making time for myself too. Elizenda has been a life saver especially providing a road map for me to focus on what's most important, delegating some of my tasks (this has been a huge problem for me) and finding the right ways to portray my brand to my audience. Are you completely drowned in the process of building your business? Elizenda is the best, and she will break it down into smaller pieces and make it easy for you to digest and implement in your business!

Apolline A. / Social Media Consultant


Be the movement.

Build the movement.

Join the new generation of empires.

Focus. People. Growth.